Music has always been my number one. I started playing the upright bass when I was 7 years old. High school got boring quickly and I dropped out to work professionally as a stagehand. As a result of this experience I decided that studying music was what I had to do. At that point I quit stage work and went to community college and was eventually accepted to The University of North Texas (formerly North Texas State University). During my college adventures I was also able to spend three glorious summers studying classical music with Gary Karr. It was there that I learned how to practice more effectively and focus my craft. After graduation I worked with local Dallas bands for ten years playing everything from pop, funk, fusion, R&B, traditional jazz, reggae, and country. I lived and worked in Los Angeles, California for three years and that was where I recorded my first record and decided to seriously pursue music production. While I was in L.A. I was able to study under Gary Lux briefly at Capitol Records in Hollywood and will remain eternally thankful for the experience. At this point, I just finished my second record as a producer. The second one of what I hope will eventually be a lot of records. Hit me up. Let’s have experiences.